Precision Point Systems

Lower Costs Higher Quality More Business Greater Profits

Layout; a Labor Intensive Hassle

... with mistakes that can ruin your profitability and reputation

Layout is currently a time-consuming, error-prone and mind-numbing number of tape pulls (four per sleeve location) together with repetitious chalking of lines for entire piping systems in order to set inserts. Your personnel will typically be working on a wind-blown, open deck with marked-up conventional drawings that are often confusing, rain soaked and/or sun bleached. If, not surprisingly, the process fails, holes have to be cut, hanger inserts drilled, sleeves replaced, x-rays taken, piping installation delayed and secondary layout performed.

Danny O'Brien, developer of the Precision Point System, knows all about wrestling with layout problems. As a plumbing contractor, it's part of the job. So, he put together an innovative way of performing layouts that makes it a lot easier, faster and more accurate.

By implementing the Precision Point System, the layout process is transformed into a professional step-by-step system, increasing accuracy and reducing the time required by about 75%. This system can be utilized on any style floor construction: cast in place; precast; or hollow core.

If you use AutoCAD and you're not using Precision Point Systems, you're probably leaving money on the table.

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But performing the layout is not the only difficult aspect of this task. You also have to manage the layout process, obtaining control line information, dealing with control line errors, working around other trades and so on.

Despite these difficulties, you have to perform the layout and install penetrations and inserts accurately and within the required time limits. That's why the Precision Point System provides more than just the layout tools. We provide a set of management processes, tools and documentation that helps you save time, reduce stress, avoid costly errors and complete the job in a professional and timely manner.

Times Are Tough

... But there is a way that you can gain an edge in getting business and retaining customers.

Your bids need to be highly competitive but you've still got to make a profit.

(See "Bidding with an Edge")

It's hard work getting the job ... You'd better manage it well to make it profitable ... and you need to do a high quality job and work well with the General Contractor in order to get repeat business.

Eliminating 75% of the time required for layout and avoiding the cost and time required to fix layout errors will make your bids more competitive, your work more professional and your customers more satisfied.

Use Precision Point; get more business and retain more customers.

The Precision Point Layout System helps you reduce costs and improve quality and timeliness

Owners, Developers & Architects want it built the way it was designed.

Accuracy and consistency of layout from floor to floor

We provide layout management guidelines to contractors which help them interface effectively with Architects and GCs in order to get an accurate reading on control lines.

Once that has been accomplished, contractors who use the Precision Point System are much more likely to use a precise and consistent layout from floor to floor.

This avoids having to adjust walls (and reduce floor space) because of layout errors.

If you're a Contractor, you can maintain and enhance your reputation with the people that count.

If you're a Developer, GC or Architect, you can use contractors who will make your life simpler.

The Complexity of Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems alone consume thousands of sleeves and hangar inserts on a single job and each has to be meticulously placed.

The sheer numbers involved add exponentially to the complexity, time and inaccuracies of the layout process. The Precision Point System reduces the impact of the increased numbers by a factor of almost four and transforms this tedious task into a straightforward, intuitive and rewarding process.

Because your people use far less tape pulls using a set of clearly marked plastic discs (instead of having to deal with marked up, dirty paper drawings), they can proceed quickly, avoid errors, avoid being stepped on by other trades

They can stay well ahead of the steel - earning the respect and gratitude of the General Contractor.

It is fast, accurate and can be used as a manual tool or enhanced with CAD drawings and laser lineage.